alc-eze secures retailer deal

Local Aussie brand, alc-eze is set to bring its industry leading hangover remedy supplement to more Aussies – just in time for Christmas silly season! Building on its successful launch last year, alc-eze has signed agreements with Chempro and Chemist Outlet pharmacies with the hangover remedy range available now, and leading distributor Symbion, which will see alc-eze also available in more than 4,000 leading pharmacies nationwide.

Having launched in Australia last year through its online store, the TGA approved product quickly caught the attention of Blooms The Chemist – stocking the popular hangover hack across more than 100 stores. Since then, demand for alc-eze, as well as the wider hangover recovery category, has grown exponentially. According to recent analyst reports the global hangover recovery market is set to grow more than 300 percent by 2030 valued at over $6bn USD.

Anthony Taylor, co-founder of alc-eze says the new deal marks a significant step in the company’s journey, but believes the best is yet to come. 

“We couldn’t be happier to announce the expansion of alc-eze in retailers like Chempro and Chemist Outlet and other pharmacies across the country,” said Taylor.

“As a business we’ve been on a really positive trajectory with strong demand and even stronger positive feedback from our customers. This expansion builds on the progress we’ve made to date and means that more and more Aussies can benefit from our product,” he added.

alc-eze is currently sold in bottles of 30 or 60 tablets and has an RRP of $39.99 and $69.99 respectively. It plans to introduce new 3 and 6 packs in the New Year, following feedback from customers and retailers alike. 

“What we’ve found is that customers might go for an impromptu drink after work or swing past a bottle shop on their way out and forget to bring alc-eze with them. The introduction of our new 3 and 6 pack product SKUs from next year will be a game changer in that regard, as it opens up more business opportunities like liquor retailers and supermarkets to stock us. We’re expecting these to be rolled out in Q1 next year,” added Taylor.