A natural nine-hour summer safeguard

Renowned for creating some of Australia’s most effective insect repellents, Bushman has now launched Bushman Naturals – a formulation that has been eight years in the making and is said to be the most effective natural insect repellent on the market, which, according to Bushman, is also the first natural formulation from any major brand.

With up to nine-hour scientifically proven protection time, Bushman Naturals also has time-release technology, is sweat and water resistant and has a pleasant neutral scent and comfortable skin feel.

According to Bushman CEO, Andrew Raper, the company identified and anticipated a demand for a natural repellent more than a decade ago.

“We knew there would be an increasing demand for natural products and a wave of new options for those who are conscious about natural skincare products,” he says.

“However, the last thing we wanted to do was rush to market with anything less than the Bushman standard – it wasn’t enough to be natural; it had to work and offer real, safe and reliable protection.”

About the product

Bushman Naturals is an aerosol-fee, fine mist spray in aluminium packaging for optimal recyclability.

It’s suitable for the whole family aged 12 months plus, and is available in all good pharmacies, supermarkets and outdoor stores.

Naturals is effective against mosquitoes, sandflies, black flies, stable flies and midges.

RRP: ​ Bushman Naturals 145ml NET, $15.85.

Bushman is proudly Australian owned and made. For more information or to view the full range, please visit: ​bushman-repellent.com.