World Lupus Day

Awareness about the symptoms of and treatment for lupus are the focus of World Lupus Day  (Friday, 10 May). The potentially debilitating autoimmune disease has no cure, and there are no fully effective therapies.

Monash University researchers are working towards improved long-term outcomes for those living with the condition. About one in 1000 Australians has lupus, and rates are higher in First Nations communities. Nine in 10 people with lupus are female and most develop it aged 15-45.

Professor Eric Morand, Monash University Sub-Faculty of Clinical and Molecular Medicine Dean, Monash Health Rheumatology Unit Head, and Monash Lupus Clinic founder said

“Since starting Australia’s first dedicated lupus clinic at Monash Health in 2007, Monash has become a world leader in lupus research across every dimension from quality of life all the way back to fundamental laboratory research. Our culture of connecting patients, clinicians, and basic scientists in the same mission is making the lives of people who live with lupus better.”