PSA2023: Celebrating excellence in pharmacy

The 2023 Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) National Conference is officially underway (28 -30 July) and what better way to kick off the event than with the announcement of the 2023 PSA Symbion Excellence Awards.

This year’s PSA Excellence Awards were awarded to:

  • Elise Apolloni MPS – SPA Symbion Pharmacist of the Year.
  • Dee-Anne Hull MPS – PSA Symbion Early Career Pharmacist of the Year.
  • Warwick Plunkett FPS – PSA Symbion Lifetime Achievement Award.

PSA National President Dr Fei Sim FPS congratulated the recipients on their awards.

“The PSA Excellence Awards acknowledge the pharmacists who go above and beyond, those who are involved in innovative practice, those who are striving to raise practice standards, and those who, through their professionalism, provide a model of practice which others strive to emulate.

“We are proud to recognise outstanding contributions not only to pharmacy but also to the pharmacists who go the extra mile to support their patients.

“PSA is proud to name Elise as Pharmacist of the Year, recognising years of passion, dedication, and leadership in pharmacy practice. Elise lives and breathes pharmacy, and she is constantly developing her practice to deliver the care and services that her community need,” Dr Sim said.

“I am proud to award the 2023 Early Career Pharmacist of the Year to Dee-Anne Hull, who has taken the opportunity to carve a career path of her own in pharmacy, and we congratulate Dee-Anne on her commitment to deliver quality and impactful aged care.

“Warwick Plunkett has given more than his lifetime to pharmacy, dedicating his career to strengthening our profession through education and programs like the Return of Unwanted Medicines project.

“As PSA National President in 1996, Warwick introduced these Excellence Awards for the first time, making it even more special for us to present him with this Lifetime Achievement Award today.

“On behalf of PSA and the pharmacy profession, congratulations to Elise, Dee-Anne, and Warwick on your achievement,” Dr Sim said.

Symbion CEO Brett Barons also congratulated the award winners. “Symbion is extremely proud to have enjoyed a 19-year association as a sponsor of the PSA Excellence Awards,” he said.

“As the pre-eminent individual awards in our industry, the PSA Excellence Awards duly acknowledge the great contribution of this year’s winners to our communities and our industry as a whole.

“A well-deserved congratulations to Dee-Anne Hull PSA Symbion Early Career Pharmacist of the Year, Elise Apolloni PSA Symbion Pharmacist of the Year and Warwick Plunkett on the great honour of being this year’s PSA Symbion Lifetime Achievement Award winner. Well done to all!”