Beauty forecast for 2024

Lip tints, pink cheeks, fluffy brows and the minimal makeup look have all been major trends to have taken over our bathrooms and makeup bags this year With the beauty industry ever booming and social media and influencers at the forefront of trends, it’s important to stay on top of style directions or prepare for what could be dominant in the new year. For the final Beauty Buzz of 2023, we look at predictions for what will be big in 2024.

Multifunctional makeup products
Despite this trend kicking off in 2023, it will become much more prevalent in 2024, according to the Cameo College of Essential Beauty in Utah, US. Multifunctional makeup products can include such items as tinted moisturiser that provides both hydration and a glow, as well as BB cream, lip and cheek stains, and multitasking eyeshadow palettes.1

Refillable perfumes
The rise of upcycled and refillable perfumes will be significant in 2024, according to multiple sources, with consumers showing increased support for sustainability. Whether perfume bottles are used for creating recycled materials, or brands are offering refillable bottle options to consumers, rising levels of environmental care are expected to hold sway in development and launch of perfume ranges.1, 2<superscript>

According to UpCircle, which is promoted as offering ethical skin care products, 65 per cent of surveyed consumers are expressing a desire for more environmentally friendly scents, which could impact the way pharmacies sell perfumes in-store.

Men’s beauty
As societal attitudes around beauty and gender are shifting, so too will the appeal and range of men’s beauty products. In 2024, we can expect more men openly to embrace grooming and self-care, with male influencers and other persuasive figures promoting the importance of personal care and expression.1

With the market evolving, men’s grooming will shift from simply razors and shaving accessories to increasingly more skin and beauty care. Pharmacy assistants should become familiar with all the products targeted at males, so they can help give customers the appropriate advice in beauty.1

It’s all peachy
With the huge popularity and influence of the movie Barbie in 2023, it was obvious that pops of pink would be seen widely in beauty styles, and in 2024, according to US online publication Teen Vogue<, things will stay pretty in pink but take a peachier form.

Makeup artists during New York Fashion Week in September opted for cool-toned pink shades such as peach variations, so peachy eyeshadows, lips glosses and cheeks are expected to be in full force across beauty trends in the new year.3<superscript>

 Abstract liner
With inspiration from such figures as actress Julia Fox and the characters from US teen drama TV series Euphoria leading the charge, abstract eye liner as a trend kicked off in 2023. It involves using eyeliner to create different shapes around the eyes, rather than a simple flick across the eyelid.

Teen Vogue predicts this is only the beginning, and the style will be seen a lot more throughout 2024. Plenty of ‘unconventional’ eyeliner shapes were on show at New York Fashion Week. These help create a heavier look, which can be achieved with deep eyeliner pencils.3


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