Tru Niagen available to pharmacies

pharmacy staff

Matakana Health, the Australian distributor of ChromaDex Corp’s patented NAD+ boosting supplement Tru Niagen, has entered into ranging agreements with two of Australia’s largest pharmaceutical wholesalers.

This ranging will see more than 2,000 branded and independent pharmacies across the country gain access to Tru Niagen.

Tru Niagen is a cutting-edge NAD+ precursor supplement which has been shown to increase NAD+ levels to support cellular energy, tissue repair and regeneration.

NAD+ is the central command molecule of metabolism and is responsible for hundreds of critical cellular functions.

However, NAD+ levels are in a constant state of flux, and can drop due to age and/or various metabolic stresses.

Matakana Health CEO Kevin Glucina, says: “We are excited to take this next step in the distribution of Tru Niagen as availability in pharmacies will ensure easy access for the general public and further our goal to establish Tru Niagen as a household brand in Australia.”