Tecmask takes off amidst coronavirus panic

Co-founder of Tecmask Maddy Scarf has had to place strict limitations on the distribution of masks.

“We have been limiting orders to 200 units per store, per day. We’re definitely depleting quite quickly,” Ms Scarf said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Tecmask had been selling an average of 1000 masks a month, however since November 2019 the company has shifted 650,000 masks with the products retailing for $19.99.

There was an initial boost in sales due to the Australian bushfires.

“It was quite drastic, and we had retailers and distributors just coming out of the woodwork.

“Moving forward, we’re exploring other manufacturing options,” explained Ms Scarf.

Tecmask launched five years ago when Ms Scarf and her father David were travelling and thought it be a good idea to turn hygiene products into fashion accessories.

Retail Pharmacy Assistants magazine spoke with Ms Scarf in its December issue 2019, on her creative goals, passions and what the future holds for Tecmask.