Software company integrates natural medicines database to platform

In what is said to be a first-of-its-kind solution in Australia, the software company, MedicalDirector is set to integrate the globally recognised Natural Medicines database from TRC Healthcare into its medicines information platform, AusDI.

“This is one of the most in-depth resources of its kind to be delivered in Australia,” says MedicalDirector CEO, Matthew Bardsley.

“We’re proud to partner with TRC Healthcare to support medical professionals and their patients to make informed, evidence-based decisions that promote ideal health outcomes.”

The aim of this integration is to give healthcare providers access to interactive, evidence-based data on the effectiveness and safety of integrative medicine products and formulations – all from the convenience of a single medicines-information platform.

By integrating this content into AusDI, the platform seeks to enhance clinical awareness, health literacy and improve patient outcomes by providing current and objective data on integrative products and interactions with pharmaceutical or OTC medicines.

Natural Medicines is the only database that includes the actual label information of nearly all vitamins and supplements sold in the US,” says TRC Healthcare CEO, Wes Crews.

“Clinicians can be confident they’re accessing the most authoritative resource available for dietary supplements, natural medicines and, complementary alternative and integrative therapies.”

MedicalDirector’s Natural Medicines update is said to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to being a trusted source of accurate medical information across multiple specialities, for Australian health professionals.