Reckitt Health partner with PharmXchange

PharmXchange, the PharmX EDI integrated e-commerce platform has announced that it is expanding its supplier network with Reckitt Health, making its wide range of brands and products easily available to order.

“We are excited to partner with PharmXchange as a key enabler of our pharmacy strategy. Together, we aim to make it easier for more community pharmacies to connect with the Reckitt Health brand portfolio, in a content-rich environment take advantage of our promotions and drive efficiencies through digitisation of the ordering process,” says Steve Mallin, Head of Pharmacy at Reckitt Health

The addition of Reckitt Health to the PharmXchange platform further solidifies PharmXchange’s position as a leading destination for pharmacies to source a diverse range of products from reputable suppliers.

With over 1800 pharmacies and 150 brands already signed up to the platform, PharmXchange continues to grow its network and expand the availability of products for pharmacies across Australia.

“We are committed to providing pharmacies with a comprehensive and convenient platform that meets their diverse needs. The onboarding of Reckitt Health’s brands further enhances the value of PharmXchange for pharmacies, offering them a one-stop solution for their product sourcing and ordering requirements.”

In a recently released statement PharmXchange says it is looks forward to a successful partnership with Reckitt Health and remains dedicated to continuously improving and expanding its platform to better serve the Australian pharmacy community.