Minfos makes dispensing ePrescriptions simple

Media Release

5 May 2020

Pharmacists can dispense electronic prescriptions (ePrescriptions) directly from Minfos Dispense without having to integrate with new software or significantly change existing dispensing workflow.

Minfos is launching an updated dispense workflow, enabling pharmacists to seamlessly manage and dispense ePrescriptions directly from the Minfos software. All Minfos customers will receive this new functionality FREE of charge as part of their subscription from June 2020.

The Government is fast-tracking ePrescriptions to reduce the risk posed by COVID-19. Patients can choose whether to provide a paper or electronic prescription to their pharmacy. For an ePrescription, they can choose to present it on their mobile phone, email, SMS or via a third party request.

The dispensing workflow of a paper and electronic script is similar. Pharmacists will be able to dispense ePrescription tokens presented in-store with 6 easy steps.

6 steps to dispense ePrescription tokens

1. The patient presents their ePrescription token on the mobile

2. The pharmacy scans the token

3. The ePrescription token is sent to the printer

4. Place printed token in the script basket with other paper scripts

5. Scan the paper token and this downloads the script details into Minfos

6. Process the script as you normally would

Note: Pharmacies managing ePrescriptions via email or SMS can skip steps 1 – 4.

To watch how to dispense ePrescriptions in Minfos watch the video.

“We wanted to deliver a solution where pharmacists can dispense ePrescriptions in Minfos with minimal change management. So, pharmacies using Minfos do not need to register or configure their software. All our customers need to do is update their software when it becomes available and follow our six easy steps. It’s that simple,” EBOS General Manager, Pharmacy Technology, Andrew Hall says.

Minfos continues to evolve to meet the needs of pharmacies today and tomorrow.

To minimise the impact of ePrescriptions on your business or to find out more, contact Minfos on minfos_support@minfos.com.au or phone 1300 887 418.

Source: Minfos