Improved workflow key to meeting immunisation demand

TWC NP Judy Plunkett administering a flu vaccination.

To ensure its network of pharmacies can adequately meet demand for the upcoming vaccination season (flu vaccine and the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine), TerryWhite Chemmart (TWC) has reportedly enhanced its vaccination workflow processes.

“We have made it our mission over the past six months to unpack our workflow and look for every opportunity to drive efficiency for our pharmacists, while ensuring we maximise the customer experience and meet our professional obligations,” says TWC Chief Pharmacist Breton Hart, adding that the changes would put TWC in good stead for the Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

TWC have worked together with software providers, MINFOS, MedAdvisor and HealthEngine, to develop two new components to the vaccination process:

  1. Digitised pre-screening and consent sent directly into the pharmacist’s professional service recording software for review prior to the vaccination appointment.
  2. Direct integration between the TWC booking platform and MINFOS dispense – transferring bookings and patient details securely into a new booking queue, allowing pharmacists to efficiently dispense the flu vaccinations prior to the designated booking.

These two new components are expected to save time and improve the experience for both the pharmacist immuniser and the customer, with Mr Hart saying that through the improvements to the workflow processes “TWC pharmacists will be able to step up with confidence to play their part in the [Covid-19] vaccine rollout”.

‘A critical first step in supporting pharmacists’  

According to TWC Pharmacy Owner, Judy Plunkett, who is also a long-time advocate of pharmacists-administered vaccinations, this development is a critical first step in supporting pharmacists to meet expected increase in demand for vaccination services.

“For years I have been campaigning for systems improvement particularly in the field of vaccination workflow, and I am really proud to see TWC take a lead in this space,” says Ms Plunkett.

“Last year pharmacists across my two pharmacies alone delivered more than 6500 flu vaccinations in what was a very challenging year.

“Any change that supports my team to spend less time on paperwork and more time on doing what they do best – delivering care and advice, and supporting more Australians get vaccinated – is a win in my books.”

Mr Hart reports that at its peak in 2020, TWC pharmacists, across the network, administered more than “80,000 flu vaccinations per week” and more than “11,000 flu vaccinations per day”.

TWC continue to invest heavily in their POS providers MINFOS and FRED, MedAdvisor and HealthEngine on future developments with more systems improvements likely to be released in the coming months.