Creating healthier workplaces across Queensland

The success of a business relies on the health and wellbeing of its employees – you can’t run a productive workplace if your staff are unwell.

Now, thanks to an Ignites Ideas Fund grant from the Queensland Government, Cairns-based Sophus Nutrition is rolling out a new app and corporate program targeted at Queensland businesses to support the health of their employees during Covid-19.

Through the Sophus Nutrition app, Queensland businesses will be able to access a free corporate program that combines evidence-based nutrition with behavioural insights, psychology and adult-learning theory.

“After working with organisations and their employees for almost 20 years, we realised there was a need for personalised, 24/7 nutrition support, responsive to each individual’s needs, regardless of their health, personal circumstances or location,” says Accredited Practising Dietitian, Tara Diversi.

Allowing users to set goals, track their progress, access tips and healthy recipes and receive support from qualified dietitians, the app, according to Ms Diversi, is “like having your own personal dietitian in your pocket”.

“We know that nutrition can help with physical, mental and social aspects of health and this is a great way for businesses to support their staff while they are dealing with the impacts of Covid-19,” says Ms Diversi.

The Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund aims to create the jobs of the future and is about opening new markets for small to medium businesses.

“We’re committed to investing in innovative local companies that employ and support Queenslanders,” says the Minister for Innovation, Kate Jones.

“It’s wonderful to be able to help Sophus scale up and deliver this app.

“I am excited about its potential to created healthier workplaces across Queensland.”

To sign up for the free corporate program, visit: