$3000 digital capability grants available for pharmacies and allied health professionals

Round two of the NQPHN Digital Capability Grants is open for allied health professionals and pharmacies in North Queensland

Round two of NQPHN’s Digital Capability Grants Program closes this Friday

North Queensland pharmacies and allied health professionals are encouraged to apply for the next round of digital capability grants worth up to $3000.

The Northern Queensland Primary Health Network (NQPHN) Build Back Better Digital Capability Grants Program closes this Friday 9 June 2023.

NQPHN Chief Executive Officer Robin Whyte said digital technology, including telehealth, was transforming northern Queensland health care services and creating new pathways for better access to quality health care, while also helping to reduce the administrative burden for general practitioners (GPs) and health care providers.

“The Digital Capability Grants Program aims to help primary care providers in the NQPHN region grow and develop a seamless digital health care service for their patients,” she said.

“These digital capability grants enable healthcare providers to adopt and leverage digital technologies in their practice to facilitate the implementation of electronic health records, telehealth solutions, and other digital tools, enhancing patient care and communication, and efficient health care delivery.

“The grants are being used for iPads and iPhones for off-site consultation and patient education, cameras and microphones to support and enable virtual face-to-face consultations, and broadband plans.”

NQPHN Digital Capability Grant Program applicants complete the self-assessment and, on completion, receive the Digital Maturity Matrix report outlining where they sit on the roadmap.

“The digital health self-assessment tool has been designed to support primary care providers to understand their current level of digital maturity,” Ms Whyte said.

“The Digital Maturity Matrix and roadmap shows providers where they currently sit on the digital roadmap and the next steps to take to see improvement at each level.

“Digital tools can only benefit the health sector if they are put to meaningful use by health providers and their patients, and the digital grant funding is helping NQPHN understand the baseline digital maturity of primary health care providers in our catchment.

“NQPHN will continue working with primary health care providers to ensure they have compatible digital infrastructure, software, and training,” she said.

For more information or to apply for a grant, visit www.nqphn.com.au

Applications close Friday 9 June 2023 (or earlier if funds are exhausted prior to the closing date).


Digital Capability Grants Program success stories

Successful organisations who applied for round one grants used grant funding for iPads, cameras, microphones, and iPads for off-site consultations. Read more about them here:



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Text by: NQPHN