Way to glow with fake tan

Thursday night is perfect to apply a fake tan and let it marinate to be ready and glowing by the weekend. It’s almost like an unspoken rule in the fake tanning world, and there just so happens to be a number of other fake tanning ‘rules’ that every pharmacy assistant should be aware of. Here, we look at the best (and safest) ways to glow this summer.

It might seem like fake tanning is a basic part of the beauty routine, but a number of steps are involved, with the process beginning a whole 24 hours before the actual fake tanning takes place. Of course, one can opt to simply ‘wing it’ and go in rogue without prepping the skin, but the finished product will come out second best.

The fake tanning routine:

  • Exfoliate the entire body 24 hours ahead of the required time to achieve the look.
  • Remove hair (shave/wax/laser) 24 hours beforehand as well.
  • Avoid wearing deodorant or perfume before putting on fake tan.
  • Moisturise spots on the body that are prone to dryness, eg, between the elbows, knees, feet and hands.
  • If using a foam, use a tanning mitt to rub fake tan in circular motion onto the body.
  • If using spray, stand in a well ventilated room and spray onto the body.
  • If using a moisturiser/lotion, rub the fake tan in circular motion onto the body and wash hands well afterwards.
  • Those with short arms should use a tanning applicator for the back. This looks like a regular tanning mitt but is longer.
  • Allow the tan to dry before putting clothes back on.
  • Wash off the tan in cool water after the suggested amount of time, which will be indicated on the product label.

Other tips 

Fake tan products tend to dry out the skin, so it’s important to keep it hydrated as much as possible to prevent dry patches from appearing.

The chemicals in soap tend to strip the fake tan and can create a patchy look. This isn’t a reason to let go of hygiene and stop using soap in the shower. It just means to use it sparingly.

With a wide range of fake tanning products available in a pharmacy, it’s important that users choose what’s right for them. As a pharmacy assistant, you can help by asking customers such questions as ‘How dark do you want your tan to be?’ and ‘How much time do you have to fake tan during the week?’

From there, the choice between a ‘dark’ or ‘light’ or in some circumstances a ‘very dark’ fake tanning product can be made.

Those short of time may want to use an ‘express’ fake tanning product that helps them achieve their look much quicker.

Pharmacy products 

 Bondi Sands Aero Self Tanning Foam Liquid Gold.

  • Bondi Sands Self Tanning Back Applicator.
  • St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse Classic.
  • St Tropez Dual Sided Velvet Applicator Mitt.
  • Le Tan UBER Stay Self Tanning Foam.
  • Tanologist Gradual Tan Lotion.
  • Pure TAN 30 minute Xpress Tan Foam.
  • Pure TAN Luxe Tanning Body Mitt.