$15M for new cancer genomics laboratory in SA

An innovative cancer genomics laboratory will be established in SA Pathology to strengthen the state’s capacity in genomic diagnostic testing, which is key to finding new pathways for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

“While survival rates in Australia are high by world standards, we still lost almost 50,000 people to cancer last year. This is why medical research is so important,” says Health Minister Greg Hunt.

“Genomics uses a person’s own genetic makeup to analyse and understand their disease and unlock personalised treatments.

“By analysing DNA to work out how to target and destroy cancer cells, we can get a better understanding of what medicine or treatment will work best for a patient.”

In addition, the Government has also invested $50 million for Omico, a nationwide network of cancer research and treatment centres to develop genomic testing, which will improve medical care for Australians with cancer.

This investment will enable Australians to access state-of-the-art cancer treatment closer to home. This is particularly important for Australians affected by rare, less common and early onset cancers who have limited treatment options.