Worthy cause benefits from golf event cancellation

golf event cancellation
golf event cancellation

After the 71st Australian Chemist Golf Club Carnival was cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event’s major sponsor donated $13,750 to the Pharmacists’ Support Service (PSS).

“We are pleased to see the money redirected to benefit pharmacists in another way,” Symbion’s CEO, Brett Barons, said.

“We have supported the work of PSS previously and are delighted to do so again.  Symbion understands what our customers have been through over the last few months and this is a small way we can provide support to those going through difficult times presently,” he said.

The idea came about after Tasmanian Chemist Golf Club (TCGC), who were due to host the event, wanted to see the industry sponsorship which supports the Carnival go to a worthy cause which benefits the broader pharmacy profession who are currently facing significant stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were keen to turn around the need to cancel our Carnival into something positive and so approached Symbion to discuss redirecting the sponsorship money to support the work of PSS instead.  We believe that this is a good outcome for the profession,” Greg Kay from TCGC, said.

“While it is disappointing for the golfers to have to cancel their Carnival, this donation will, through the work of PSS, benefit pharmacists and pharmacy staff who are on the frontline during COVID-19 working in very difficult circumstances.  On behalf of the Australian pharmacy community I offer my sincere thanks to TCGC and Symbion”. PSS President, John Coppock, said.

The Carnival is an annual event which involves golfers from all the State based Chemist Golf Clubs coming together for a week of competition.

“Golf is an excellent way for pharmacists to relax as it combines exercise and the outdoors.  All pharmacists need to have an interest outside pharmacy for their mental health and wellbeing,” Mr Coppock said.