Retirement of Geoff March


The National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Trent Twomey, has congratulated retiring President of Professional Pharmacists Australia Geoff March for his long service and his commitment to the pharmacist profession. 

Professor Twomey said that as head of Professional Pharmacists Australia, Dr March had long advocated on behalf of all pharmacists in Australia. 

“We may not always have seen eye-to-eye on some of the details but the relationship between the Guild and PPA under the leadership of Geoff March has been built on respect and on the importance of listening to the views of one another,” Professor Twomey said. 

“Geoff always brought to the table an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and cultural understanding of the pharmacist profession. 

“He began his union stewardship of pharmacists in 1990 with what was then the Salaried Pharmacists Association. 

“In 1995, he led the amalgamation of the Salaried Pharmacists Association with APESMA to strengthen his advocacy work for members. 

“During his years in the pharmacist union movement, Geoff and I have met many times to discuss issues affecting the community pharmacy sector and the pharmacist profession. 

“While at times these meetings have been robust, there has always been a sincere and genuine mutual respect for each other’s viewpoint which has enabled us to establish and maintain a good working relationship for the best interests of pharmacists and patients. 

“I wish Geoff a long and happy retirement which he has richly earned.” 

Professor Twomey congratulated incoming President Leon Yap. 

“I look forward to meeting with Leon soon to further the mutual interests relating to our respective memberships,” Professor Twomey said.