Pharmacies encouraged to work with their local dietitians


Following Dietitians Day, which was held on 26 March 2021, Dietitians Australia reminds the community to take the guesswork out of eating for health and work with their local dietitian.

As part of the Dietitians Day celebrations, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) Laureate Professor Clare Collins encourages the community “to make their local APD their first port of call” when it comes to getting advice around healthy eating.

“Dietitians translate nutrition evidence into practical advice for every Australian,” says Professor Collins.

“From everyday eating for good health through to using food to help treat and manage a medical condition – a dietitian has the know-how about foods to choose and provides support for changing eating patterns.

“Whether you’re after individual advice, looking to improve your sporting team’s performance, want to encourage workplace wellness, or ensure a new food product packs a nutritional punch – APDs have the solutions to food and nutrition issues affecting you, your workplace or community.”

While it can be tricky sometimes to digest all the nutrition information that’s readily available these days, and to work out which foods are right for you, this is where working with a dietitian can help – particularly, for those working towards a goal or who are managing a health condition.

“We don’t think twice about going to see our accountant for taxes, or getting our cars serviced by a mechanic – this shouldn’t be different when it comes to food and nutrition-related health,” says Professor Collins.

For pharmacy staff interested in working with dietitians in their local area, visit for more information.