Keeping workplaces Covid-free important

DDS now offering certified RATs

According to a recent survey of more than 9600 employees, companies and businesses have received high marks for supporting workers and keeping them safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Almost three-quarters of the workers (70%) reported feeling comfortable in their workplace. Two-thirds said their companies were keeping them productive (67%) and safe (66%) from Covid-19 and more than half (58%) believe their employer has supported their wellbeing.

According to the survey 84% of workers who reported feeling safe and supported by their workplace plan to stay with their current employer for the foreseeable future.

Graham Gordon, CEO of Gardian, an Australian digital health company developing software and medical devices, believes that the past two years have been challenging for both employers and their employees, and the ‘new norm’ is still being trialled.

“There isn’t a rulebook for how to navigate a pandemic successfully, particularly one that has disrupted multiple sectors and mutated as often as Covid-19 has,” says Mr Gordon.

“Organisations have needed to adapt operations continually and make their employees’ health and wellbeing a top priority.

“As our own research shows, most employees embraced their employers’ actions to keep them safe at work and support them. Those efforts are having a positive impact on employees.”

Mr Gordon says that it’s likely we will see a majority of the workforce “back behind desks within the next couple of months”, as the dust of Covid appears to settle and concerns over the Omicron variant subside.

However, he adds, that with Australia heading towards its winter months, regular testing and learning from what happened with the virus overseas during the colder months is going to be important “in terms of business continuity and ensuring that workers stay well”.

“Having a robust Covid-19 testing program in place whereby staff can home-test, record and share their result with an employer prior to going into work is the only way to effectively stop the spread of the virus and maintain a Covid-free work environment,” says Mr Gordon.

Reiterating the importance of early detection on a significantly larger scale, Sheriff of NSW Department of Communities and Justice Tracey Hall says they opted to use the user-friendly Gardian T3 rapid antigen tests and reporting solution as the health and wellbeing of all staff, court and tribunal users is of paramount importance.

Repeatability is critical when it comes to eliminating the potential for false or invalid results.

With most nasopharyngeal or anterior nares swabs if one doesn’t follow the instructions for use, maintain the device at a conducive temperature, observe the recommended time allocation or use too little or too much buffer solution, any one of these factors, or a combination thereof, could adversely affect the test performance and/or produce invalid results.

And in the case of a false negative, the person undertaking the test may go on to infect others.

The simple one-step process of the Gardian T3, used alongside the Gardian Self Check app effectively eliminates human error, ensuring the test is done right, every time, providing near-perfect efficacy.

Users can take the test, record the result and share their covid-free status with an employer, doctor or public venue via a valid digital test result certificate.