Just one week of inactivity lowers state of mind


ASICS’ Mind Race study reveals that it takes only one week of inactivity to lower the state of mind in regular exercises.

The results reveal that after just one week of inactivity both cognitive and emotional wellbeing were impacted:

  • Confidence dropped by 20%.
  • Positivity fell by 16%.
  • Energy levels slumped by 23%.
  • The ability to cope with stress reduced by 22%.

Overall, according to the survey, after just one week of no exercise, participant overall State of Mind score, which was monitored in the study by Professor Brendon Stubbs, a leading researcher in movement and the mind, dropped by an average 18%.

15 minutes a day lifts mood 

Reassuringly, when participants were asked to return to their regular activity, all reported immediate improvements in their state of mind.

Data collected by Professor Stubbs from participants in ASICS’ ongoing Uplifting Minds Study (which commenced June 2021) reveals that just 15 minutes of exercise a day can improve mental health.

“We know that exercise is good for our mental health but the impact of rest and restarting exercise is less clear,” Professor Stubbs said.

“Now, thanks to new technology and the contribution of thousands of people, we’ve been able to pinpoint just how much exercise is needed to trigger a positive mental impact.

“This ASICS study helps to quantify the amount of exercise to improve mental health and make it more tangible.

“Taking time to rest is very important. This study shows that people’s wellbeing bounces back very quickly after a period of rest when people resume regular exercise again,” he said.