Discount Drug Stores offering flu vaccination

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With more than 25,000 flu cases across the country reported in the first four months of 2019, fears for the severity of winter’s flu season are growing.

In fact, according to Discount Drug Stores, reports show that the number of flu victims in 2019 is already equivalent to the half of total cases in 2018.

Health authorities across the country have seen an influx of patients suffering from influenza and are encouraging Australians to arm themselves against the illness.

In-store vaccinations

Ahead of what experts are warning may be one of the worst flu seasons on record, Discount Drug Stores is urging Australians to take care of their health and come in store for their flu vaccination.

Discount Drug Stores’ Professional Services Pharmacist, Melissa Hui, says the spike in summer flu cases should act as a strong incentive for Australians to protect themselves coming into the winter season.

“With reports of increased influenza cases and discussions of an even worse flu season, there is no better time to properly prepare and arm yourself against the flu by receiving your annual vaccination,” she said.

“Flu vaccinations are available to book now to ensure as many Australians are able to protect themselves from the flu, each vaccination service is quick and convenient and can fit into anyone’s busy schedule.

“Discount Drug Stores’ top priority is aiding as many individuals as possible to keep our nation healthy and happy this season.”

National Immunisation Program

Qualified pharmacists or nurse practitioners conduct Discount Drug Stores’ in-store flu clinics. Special patient groups are also eligible to receive the influenza vaccination subsidised under the government-funded National Immunisation Program.

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