Debunking SkinTok myths


With the rise of SkinTok on the popular social media platform TikTok, Australian dermatologist, Dr Ryan De Cruz together with skincare brand, CeraVe busts some of the SkinTok myths flooding TikTok feeds globally.

Fact vs fake news? Dr Ryan De Cruz weighs in.

Slugging: Derm-approved! 

“It’s not necessary to use thick petroleum jelly-based products,” says Dr De Cruz, “you can use a good Ceramides-based cream, which will do something similar, if not more, as you’re actually re-hydrating the skin and allowing the skin to breathe rather than trapping in water.”

DIY face masks: Myth busted! 

“When you consume these remedies – turmeric, eggs, bananas, oranges, lemons – there’s evidence they’re good, as they’re high in antioxidants and are naturally anti-inflammatory, but I don’t advocate putting these on your face,” says Dr De Cruz.

“You can actually cause damage to the skin by using harsh, stringent ingredients. Ascorbic acids (lemons and oranges), or vitamin C, is thought to be beneficial but you can cause harm if you apply them directly on sensitive skin or skin prone to acne breakouts.”

Avoid washing your face in the shower: Myth busted! 

“Water in the shower is really the same from your tap,” says Dr De Cruz. “It’s more about using the right temperature and considering the length of time in the shower.”

Lymphatic face massages: Myth busted! 

“Lymphatic massage has been shown for a long time to be helpful for when you have problems with your lymphoid (limbs or facial swelling) but when you don’t have that problem, there’s no evidence lymphatic massaging has any real benefits,” says Dr De Cruz.

Ice massages: Derm-approved! 

“It does shrink pore sizes and reduce swelling, and we do know cold temperatures shrink pores and reduce swelling, but the claims around helping anti-ageing… definitely not,” says Dr De Cruz.