BD marks first delivery of Covid-19 consumables


Today marks Becton, Dickinson and Company’s (BD) first milestone delivery of vaccine devices to the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health (DoH).

This starts the partnership with the federal government to supply a Covid-19 vaccine to every Australian, once available.

Through this partnership, BD will deliver millions of disposable needles, syringes and sharps collectors over the next 12 months to support Australia’s Covid-19 Vaccine and Treatment Strategy.

The partnership will also ensure sufficient in-country supply should more injection devices for vaccine delivery be required.

Representing the world’s largest manufacturer of injection devices, Managing Director and Vice President of BD Australia and New Zealand (BD ANZ), Ms Anelo Cournut, applauds the government for its proactive approach in planning for future pandemics.

“Today’s first delivery of BD products marks an important milestone for our company. We are proud to be part of an innovative collaboration between government, manufacturers, researchers, and clinicians, alike,” she says.

“Our collective goal is to guarantee that when the time arrives, every Australian can access a Covid-19 vaccine.”

In addition to delivering vaccine products, BD is also liaising with the Department of Health, including the Therapeutic Goods Administration and State healthcare systems to expand the nation’s access to diagnostic testing and treatment support for Covid-19 patients.

This includes swabs for influenza and COVID-19 testing, rapid molecular diagnostic tests utilising the BD MAXTM System, and 15-minute point-of-care antigen testing with the BD VeritorTM Plus System.