ACP’s new ‘pathway to MBA’ offering

small and family businesses

The Australasian College of Pharmacy (ACP), under special arrangement with The Universal Business School Sydney (UBSS), is offering pharmacists an exclusive member-only MBA course package and learning plan.

According to the ACP’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Dimitri Kopanakis, this course is tailored to suit busy the lifestyles of pharmacy proprietors, pharmacists, managers and professionals.

“The MBA is tailored for the pharmacy industry and provides mentored support whether you need to develop management skills, business expertise, or you’re looking to build skills you might need as a future proprietor,” says Dr Kopanakis.

With students soon able to enrol in the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master of Business Administration, Dr Kopanakis points out that the UBSS MBA program “has an executive delivery mode and provides students with access to the latest management theory and real-world insights across a range of subjects”.

“Whether you want to gain more business qualifications, upskill or take the next career step, the College has a course for you,” adds Dr Kopanakis.

For further MBA information and to fill out an expression of interest form, visit:

APP2021 attendees are invited to visit the ACP’s trade booth 363 this week to discuss your MBA journey.

The ACP is continuing to “evolve with new and exciting initiatives”, according to Dr Kopanakis. Stay tuned for these initiatives “both this month at APP and throughout 2021”.