Pharmacies in NSW advised to get ready for Covid jab


Community pharmacies approved as Covid-19 vaccination immunisers across NSW are being advised to ensure they have everything ready to get started as soon as the State Government gives approval.

National Cabinet approved the use of eligible pharmacists as immunisers but left it to the States and Territories to decide when pharmacies in their jurisdictions can begin administering the Covid-19 vaccinations.

NSW Branch President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, David Heffernan, says pharmacies should be ready to start administering the vaccinations.

“There is a real appetite at the Federal and State level to get pharmacies s on board as pivotal elements of the vaccination rollout as soon as possible,” he says.

“Nationally some 4000 community pharmacies have been approved as Covid-19 vaccination hubs with the pharmacists already trained and the pharmacies equipped and ready for the Covid-19 vaccinations.

“Importantly, about 30 per cent of these pharmacies are in NSW and they will make an enormous difference to vaccination uptake once they get the green light.

“The Guild has been working closely with the State Government to get to the stage where pharmacies are able to help protect communities from the virus.”

Mr Heffernan advised pharmacies to ensure their booking systems were in place and updated for Covid-19 vaccinations.

“GuildLink has invested heavily to ensure the booking system is able to cope with the demand as well as meeting all the privacy and safety standards. To further help in the rollout, the booking system will be available free to all pharmacies for the first three months,” he says.

“I urge pharmacies to check their systems as I anticipate the rollout to pharmacies is coming sooner rather than later, with pharmacies in areas of need to be the first to start administering Covid-19 vaccines.”