Businesses urged to keep Covid complaint


After the latest Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria, businesses in NSW are reminded to remain vigilant as inspectors are still out checking Covid compliance, and no excuses will be permitted for not requiring patrons to sign-in with the Service NSW QR Code.

“At this stage of the pandemic, there is simply no excuse for not complying with the check-in requirements. Businesses must be vigilant with their QR code check-in, as this data will be vital in contact tracing if NSW experiences an outbreak like Victoria. Significant penalties, including closure of a venue, apply for non-compliance,” says Liquor & Gaming Director of Compliance Dimitri Argeres.

“The majority of clusters in NSW have  centred around hospitality venues  because of the ease with which the Covid virus can spread in enclosed indoor areas, so it is vital restaurants continue to stay Covid safe.

“There have been some changes and businesses must remain up-to-date. But what has not changed is having robust, digital check in processes that allows for effective contact tracing in the event a positive case has visited the venue.

“Contact tracing is essential in maintaining the health of NSW and helps keeps businesses safe and open. Our inspectors will continue to undertake both uniformed and plain clothes inspections, so if you’re breaking the rules you run a high risk of receiving a hefty fine or a closure in the event of repeat offending,” he says.

For more information on NSW Covid Safe Check-in and record keeping requirements visit the Service NSW website.