Sigma partners with Drive Yello for home delivery

In partnership with Australian logistics company Drive Yello, Sigma Healthcare is now offering home delivery pharmacy services through a new platform system in response to COVID-19 restrictions on social movement.

After a successful trial in Amcal+ pharmacies nationally, the Yello Platform will be offered across the entire Sigma retail pharmacy network including Amcal, Guardian, Discount Drug Stores, WholeLife, Chemist King and Pharmasave+, a network of over 600 pharmacies nationally.

“This new partnership with Drive Yello is a real breakthrough for our retail pharmacy network and their customers. It means it will be easier for our patients to stay connected and service their needs, even when they cannot travel to the pharmacy, which is increasingly likely during the COVID-19 crisis,’’ Sigma Healthcare Health Services Group Manager,  David Preston, said.

Users will receive an SMS providing a link to live tracking of the delivery, via the Yello Platform, to ensure they will be home to receive their order and track delivery progress. Features within the Yello Platform will allow pharmacies to simplify, scale and support their existing delivery service, providing an essential service to their communities.

“We already have 80 per cent of our pharmacies offering a home delivery service to their communities. Recent surveying of these pharmacies in our network overwhelmingly supported software that would enhance and scale their home delivery service to more conveniently support their patients”, Mr Preston said.

The enhanced pharmacy home delivery service will in most instances be free of charge to vulnerable and at-risk patients due to the recent funding package offered by the government to support in home delivery. The Home Medicines Service funding package will provide eligible patients a free monthly delivery of PBS medication to their home and supports COVID-19 social isolation measures.

“Now more than ever, businesses need a reliable delivery platform that offers speed and efficiency, alongside an ability to easily scale to help meet increasing demand. Drive Yello offers just this, and we are proud to be partnering with Sigma Healthcare to put much needed essential products and medicines into the hands of customers across the country – quickly, safely and securely,” Drive Yello CEO, Steve Fanale, said.

“We’ve also introduced contactless delivery options, which will protect the health and wellbeing of Sigma Healthcare’s customers, alongside that of our dedicated community of drivers,” Mr Fanale said.