The crucial role of company culture


While systems are in place to ensure actions in a business are followed correctly – procedures can sometimes lead to lack of communication between departments.

Faults in communication in any company, including a pharmacy, can lead to slower sales cycle, miscommunication, and even loss of sale.

“While our employees were still performing at a high-level and meeting their targets, we pride ourselves on being a company that is constantly looking for areas of improvement,” CEO of Alerton Australia, Trevor Owen says.

Mr Owen shifted his teams focus to an important question: Can we unite employees through a common purpose, and will this common purpose provide more value to both our employees and our customers?

What is company culture?

A company’s culture refers to their shared values, attributes and characteristics of an organisation, reflected by the attitudes and behaviours of its employees.

“A strong company culture needs to be deliberately cultivated by an organisation’s leadership,” Managing Director of Innovate Learn, Hazel Stewart.

“When this is in place employees understand outcomes and behaviours and act accordingly, and every aspect of the business is improved.”

Capitalising on company culture

Mr Owen says that the best way for his team to increase sales, included prioritising communication and training.

“The Service team needed new skills to build confidence so they could step outside of their comfort zone and initiate different types of ‘sales interface’ conversations with customers,” Mr Owen explains.

The Alerton Australia service engineers developed the capability to ask more questions when on-site and to gather customer information in a more productive way. This resulted in a comprehensive understanding in what the customer wanted.

“We were extremely pleased with the decision we made to invest in our sales and service culture and enhance our communication capability,” Mr Owen says.

“I’ve noticed a definite collaboration between sales and service and a unified focus on the customer to understand what is important to them and provide value at every touch point.”