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Meet Pharmacy Assistant Jaime-Lee Munday

In the August issue of Retail Pharmacy Assistants e-magazine, we speak with Jaime-Lee Munday, Pharmacy Assistant and Assistant Manager at Blooms The Chemist in Orange New South Wales, about her career highlights, challenges and adapting once again to the 2021 wave of Covid-lockdowns.

How long have you been working for Blooms The Chemist, Orange?

I’ve been with Blooms The Chemist for an incredible 19 months.

Do you have a background in pharmacy?

No, I don’t have any previous background in pharmacy, although I did complete my Certificate III in Health Services Assistance while in high school and I also completed my diploma of Endorsed Enrolled Nursing in 2016.

Currently, NSW, much like many parts of the world, are experiencing great hardship – how have you and the team been feeling in the last few weeks?

It was definitely trying – [however,] providing a service on the frontline is a privilege. We stuck together, maintained a positive attitude throughout, and we were definitely successful in still providing above and beyond services for our customers.  

What have you done personally to ensure that your mental health is staying strong?

I just make sure to relax and unwind when I finish work. I’m also a dance teacher two nights a week, so it’s a great time when I can relax my mind and think of something different. Our managers are also really good at letting us debrief if we need to and things like that.

What have you done in your professional life to ensure your community stays strong?

I’ve gotten my First Aid Certificate and I did my Cert III in community pharmacy. Also in providing for our local community – we raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation, the Gidget Foundation, Parkinson’s Australia, donating to them so we can help our community.

How is your pharmacy adapting to the Covid-related challenges?

We recently went to a split-roster system – it basically meant our staff was split into two teams to try and keep the pharmacy running, especially if one team were to become compromised or unwell with Covid. That has been hard but we got through it. There were strict cleaning schedules, and we have protected safety glass to protect our customers and staff.

What is the overall vibe among customers?

This lockdown was way better in comparison to the previous lockdown last year. This year they were way more understanding – they were understanding of our deliveries, making sure we got them out on time. They were a lot more aware and knew how to handle themselves a lot better, which allowed us to obviously keep giving them great service.

We were very stressed last year, but because we’ve been through it before we knew the procedures we had to follow, so did the customers – they were very understanding, and they did abide by all our rules like signing in with the QR code, wearing a mask, sanitising when they came in, we really appreciate that.

What are some of the highlights in your career so far?

Being recognised as a valued team member during the Covid-lockdown last year, when we went to a split-team roster. I was asked to step up to an Assistant Manager position to take on more responsibility within the pharmacy.

What is one thing you think all pharmacy assistants should remember while working?

Having a positive attitude and outlook really makes a difference in customer service. Coming into work with a smile on your face, providing great practical knowledge that allows you to have that connection with the customers and really build that rapport with them – it creates that loyalty and increases the chances of them coming back.

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