Face de-fuzzing, does it cause damage?

Super Smooth Facial by MCo Beauty

Full transparency, I never thought I would take a razor to my face to remove hair – yet it’s 2021, and here we are with face de-fuzzing.

You may have already seen the little facial razors that beauty brands are stocking on pharmacy shelves.

Brands such as Revlon, MCo Beauty, and Finishing Touch Flawless, all have ‘de-fuzzing’ facial razors, for de-fuzzing the face.

‘This precise blade skims the face, eliminating all peach fuzz in its path, for better skin-care penetration and smoother makeup application,’ the Revlon website states on its website.

Personally, I have light skin and hair, so dark hair on my face has never been an issue. However, the thought of makeup sliding onto my skin easier was definitely something that piqued my interest.

Revlon Face Defuzzers

Although, I had my reservations when it came to sliding a razor on my face and the damage it could do to my skin.

I spoke with Dermatologist, Rosemary Nixon on the effectiveness of these razors and the possibility of skin damage.

“As long as it’s not irritating the skin, I see no problem with it,” she says.

Do’s and don’ts of de-fuzzing

Ms Nixon elaborates: “It’s fair to say if the skin is quite hydrated, it’s less likely to be irritated. We know that dry skin is more easily irritated.

“A general rule is that dry skin, is easily irritated skin.”

In this instance, it may be better to soften the skin with serum or a moisturiser before using the razor, especially if someone’s skin is dry.

However, touching on the claims that the razor will enable the skin to absorb skincare products better, is one that raises eyebrows for Ms Nixon.

Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glow™ via Finishing Touch Flawless

She says, “Skincare products generally don’t go through hair follicles, we don’t rely on skincare products going through them.”

Tried and tested

As someone who tried the MCo Beauty facial and eyebrow razor, I can say that my skin did not throw a reaction, nor breakout.

(However, we should remember that each individual’s skin differs from one another.)

It also made the foundation look a lot smoother and dewy. It’s fair to assume that with the tiny blonde hairs removed, it ensured that the foundation presented a clear finish!

Overall, Ms Nixon has no long-term concerns when it comes to these products.

So, in conclusion, keep calm and shave away! (With care).

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