Cleansers that say hi to hydration

Cleansing is such a crucial step in the skincare game, as it helps remove make up, dirt, oils and, dare I say it … negative energy.

For those who experience dry skin (hello, cold weather that is still looming), selecting a cleanser that hydrates the skin can help rid the flakiness, redness and dryness of your face.

This week the skincare squad participants tried and tested some fantastic hydrating cleansers that are available in retail pharmacy.

Skincare squad participants

Liza, 44

Skin type: dry, very dry.

Skincare goals: hydration, even texture and dewiness.

Georgia, 30

Skin type: combination.

Skincare goals: anti-aging/wrinkles, minimise pores and pigmentation.

Emily, 25 

Skin type: combination, minimal acne.

Skincare goals: hydration, reduce redness.

The reviews

Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser, RRP: 1L $15.64

Liza: “I liked that this had no fragrance, and also no irritability – I could rub it over my eyes to remove make up, and have it not sting.

“It didn’t dry out my skin, it felt clean however didn’t strip the skin of any oils.

“I liked that you only need a small amount of product, as a little bit goes a long way which is good value for money, I would recommend this.”

Georgia: “I use this product already on a daily basis – it’s really easy to use and spreads evenly across the face.

“I feel as though it cleans my skin and leaves it feeling very refreshed.”

Emily: “I felt this produce was really hydrating, and completely removed the make-up and dirt off my face.

“I love the price for this amount of product too!”

Q+A Hyaluronic Cleanser, RRP: $15.00

Liza: “I really liked this cleanser, it didn’t have a lot of fragrance, and was excellent at removing my make up.

“It didn’t irritate my skin, and was really easy to use, as you only need a small amount, it lathered well. Personally, I would have liked it to feel a little more hydrating.” 

Georgia: “This cleanser was excellent at removing dirt and oil from my face, and it left my skin feeling very refreshed.

“There was no fragrance or irritating of the skin and was very easy to lather.”

Emily: “This cleanser was great at removing make up completely off my face, and left my skin feeling super clean.

“There is no strong fragrance which is great and it’s really easy to use, as the consistency spreads evenly across the face. I felt as though my skin was left hydrated after use.”

CeraVe Hydrating Cream-To-Foam Cleanser, RRP: 236ml $21.99

Liza: “It cleansed thoroughly, and had a nice foaming consistency, a little bit goes a long way.

“Additionally, it was non-irritant, and had no obvious fragrance.”

Georgia: “This cleanser had a natural fragrance and removed dirt and oil from my face very efficiently.

“Overall, it felt very refreshing and it didn’t irritate my skin at all. I liked the easy-to-use pump bottle it came in, and I found that I didn’t need much product for it to begin lathering well.”

Emily: “This is really easy to apply, as it spreads across the face evenly, and foams to create a hydrating feeling.

“It really removed all the make-up and dirt off my face, and left my face feeling so clean.”

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