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Tooth decay, don’t let it stay

While tooth decay is absolutely avoidable, 50% of children under the age of six in Australia experience decay in teeth, according to the Australian Dental Association.

The implications of decay in children’s teeth reach further into adulthood than some would think.

“Flossing is so important in preventing tooth decay because you may not see it or feel it, but there is cavity causing plaque and bacteria between your teeth that needs to be removed with floss,” General Dentist and Grin Oral Natural Care Expert, Dr Erica Tam says.

An additional concerning factor to tooth decay, are the high costs to fix dental-related issues.

A root canal starts at around $3000. It’s $1500 upwards for a crown, $250 per filling in the chair, between $2000 and $5000 or more for a hospital stay requiring oral surgery, with the cost starting at around $1000 per hour in the hospital.

It’s reported that 1 in 4 children have untreated tooth decay and had experienced tooth decay in their permanent adult teeth.

Furthermore, children in low-income households were found to be twice as likely to have untreated decay, and it was also shown that cavities are the most prevalent disease in Australian children.

Floss on

Dental Hygienist, BSDH Katie Steger says, “In my experience, people are put off by fear of the unknown – kids are no different.

“Flossing may feel scary for them because it involves using a new device (the floss or floss pick itself), a new sensation in their mouth, and a new expectation by their parents to get it done. It’s a lot for them to take in.”

Touching on Grin Kid’s Flossers, Influencer @islandofsea Allysa Le Page says, “I love the tooth flossers!

“Because my boys have autism, sticking my hands in their mouth isn’t something they liked. So, just brushing their teeth is hard. But they both use the flossers.”

Key differences between Grin Natural Kid’s Flossers are other brands include, no artificial flavours, no unwarranted claims such as ‘plastic-free handles’.

Grin Natural handles are made from corn starch and classed as a bioplastic which is a renewable material, unlike petroleum oil.

Grin Natural is available in Cole’s supermarkets and online retailers such as Flora and Fauna. The full range will also be available in Chemist Warehouse in June.

For more information, visit grinnatural.com.au.


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