Pfizer clinical resource guide for pharmacists


To further provide support and resources to pharmacists throughout the Covid-19 vaccination process, the Australasian College of Pharmacy (ACP) and Guild Learning and Development have announced the release of Pfizer Facts for Pharmacists.

The clinical resource guide, developed in a partnership between the ACP and Guild Learning and Development, is said to bring together several sources of information on the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination for easy reference for community pharmacists.

ACP President, Michelle Bou-Samra, says the clinical guide would provide invaluable support as community pharmacists are now beginning to offer the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccinations.

“We received overwhelming feedback from the AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccine resources we released for pharmacists,” says Ms Bou-Samra.

“With the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination now in community pharmacies Australia-wide, pharmacists across Australia are in the unique position to be able to offer all of the approved Covid-19 vaccines,” she adds.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s National President, Trent Twomey, says Guild Learning and Development are proud to have the opportunity once again to collaborate with the ACP on the guide.

“Given the success of the A-Z of AstraZeneca and Moderna Myths and Facts resource guides, we’re confident community pharmacists across Australia will find this new clinical resource helpful as well,” says Mr Twomey.

“As every pharmacist knows, each of the Covid-19 vaccines is different, which is why anyone administering a Covid-19 vaccine in a community pharmacy has undergone the Commonwealth’s mandatory training with the Australian College of Nurses,” says M Twomey.

“This new resource is designed to complement that training and their existing vaccination skills.”

Pharmacists can also access additional clinical resources, including multi-dose vial training, a video with Associate Professor Paul Griffin answering frequently asked questions, a series of training videos on informed consent, plus AstraZeneca and Moderna clinical resources guides.

Pfizer Facts for Pharmacists and other complimentary Covid-19 resources can be viewed at